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Pediatricians and Family Physicians:

If you are looking for a pediatrician or family physician who practices holistic or integrative medicine, please join Holistic Moms Network where you can speak to other parents who can advise you of physicians they know and recommend in your area.

You can also join the forum at to find and request referrals from parents in your area.

You can also go to or as further resources.

In NYC, you can contact Dr. Ben Kligler at the Continuum Center



Dr. Palevsky is a strong supporter of building a health care team for parents and their children, that includes the use of allied health professionals, both for maintenance of wellness, and for treating children who have acute or chronic illnesses. Below are referrals for the NYC and Long Island areas:

For chiropractic care, please visit:,,,,,

Lindsey James, DC in NYC Tel: 347-871-0427
Patrick Kerr, DC in NYC Tel: 212-689-1303
Andrea Auerbach, DC in Brooklyn, NY Tel: 718-399-1111

For cranial sacral therapy, please visit,,, and

For acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, please visit,, or

For evaluation and treatment using constitutional homeopathy, please visit

For developmental or behavioral optometric evaluation and treatment, please visit

For holistic dental care, please visit,,, Gerry Curatola, DDS, Dr. Leonard Fazio, or

For NAET, please visit Mariaehel Sammis, CN at, Ken Moss, LAc in Smithtown, NY, 631-265-5656, or Susan Cunningham, DC in Levittown, NY, 516-579-7099. For allergy evaluation and desensitization in NYC & Connecticut, through the use of sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), please contact Dr. Darin Ingels at

For holistic neurology, please visit or

For holistic gynecology and women’s health, please visit

For homotoxicology, please visit

For parents who are interested in learning more about their rights regarding vaccines and schools, please visit,, and You may also learn more about vaccine information by visiting



Other NYC resources for adult medicine include Dr. Jeffrey Morrison,, Dr. Dana Cohen,, and Dr. George Kessler, Contemporary Healing Institute in Manhattan. For Holistic Women's Health Psychiatry, please visit


American Holistic Medical Association
American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine
Northport Wellness Center
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
Holistic Dentistry


Holistic Moms Network
Mothering Magazine Online
Life Health Choices


Shoot ‘Em Up (Youtube)

Vaccine Nation - Gary Null (DVD)
Autism: Made In the USA - Gary Null
The Greater Good


National Vaccine Information Center
Coalition for Informed Choice
Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Vaccine Package Inserts


Age of Autism
Developmental Delay Resources
Autism Research Institute

19 User-Friendly Apps for Individuals with Disabilities and Special Needs Children 

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