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Holistic Advantage

Our bodies have the innate capacity to heal themselves. This core principle serves to guide the fundamental teachings and practices of a diverse array of systems of healing, including Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, chiropractic, osteopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, energy healing, and shamanism. Conventional western medicine, however, remains the only field of medicine that has yet to embrace this core teaching as a basis for its medical education, training and practice.

In pediatric health care, and in Dr. Palevsky’s clinical practice, the art of applying the core principle that children have the innate capacity to heal is what makes the holistic approach an advantage for ultimate healing and the maintenance of optimal health. It is Dr. Palevsky’s professional belief that children need to experience symptoms in order for their bodies to heal and stay well. Dr. Palevsky believes that wellness in children can be successfully restored and maintained if we stop suppressing the symptoms they express during their acute and chronic illnesses.

Acute symptoms, such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, cough, runny nose, mucus production and wheezing, are all important ways in which children discharge stored accumulations of wastes or toxins from their bodies. These toxins enter and are stored in their bodies from repeated exposures to in utero, air, food, water, skin, nervous system stress, and injected materials, that for whatever reason, don’t easily exit their bodies through the normal means of detoxification. These toxins are too irritating to children’s bodies and must be removed. Eventually, a critical level of the toxins is reached, and children get sick with symptoms to purge them. Children, therefore, must be allowed to be sick, in order for them to get well.

In his practice, Dr. Palevsky encourages parents to allow children to express their symptoms when they’re sick. No one wants children to “feel” sick. Parents can learn to use remedies, however, that help children feel better and heal more effectively, without altering the important physiology which is helping them cleanse their systems. Letting children have their symptoms, without suppressing them, can be a challenging process both for parents and health care practitioners. We often come face-to-face with our own discomfort when children experience discomfort from their illnesses. It’s hard for us to watch them “suffer”, so we reflexively give them something to bring immediate relief. This reflexive response to suppress their symptoms, however, weakens them and delays their healing process.

Dr. Palevsky strives to educate families to avoid most over-the-counter medicines and antibiotics, which are sadly overused and abused, and which ultimately hinder the healing process, and inhibit children from purging the toxins on their own. The very existence of pediatric chronic illness means that children have lost their ability to successfully remove the toxins inside their bodies. As a result, these toxins accumulate and lead to the development of the symptoms of chronic illness. Through the effects of conventional pharmaceutical and vaccine interventions, these children have also been weakened from being able to tolerate even the simplest of stressors in their environments.

In his practice, Dr. Palevsky works with families to remove the known, and as-yet-to-be identified interferences, which are stopping children from harnessing their innate natural healing abilities. Opportunities to advance children’s health may include changes in nutrition, lifestyle, parenting and education; the use of supplements, essential oils or herbs; a reduction in their stress levels; and referrals to homeopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors and/or other health professionals.

Dr. Palevsky’s job is to observe the symptoms children experience, permit the process to unfold on its own, and intervene when necessary to make them more comfortable. His primary role is to partner with the children’s parents to make sure the necessary healing process is underway. Ultimately, the goals in prevention and treatment are to ensure that we respect the innate capacity that children have to heal.

“I love Larry…..he is a visionary.” Leslie N., R.N.




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