Biography: Jennifer Zethner, RN, MS, PNP and a Note from Dr. Palevsky

Please join me in welcoming Jennifer Zethner, RN, MS, PNP, to the practice of Holistic Child Health at the Northport Wellness Center. During my leave of absence, Jennie will start seeing patients one day a week as of April 2011. As time goes on, she looks forward to increasing her hours to accommodate your needs.

Jennie received her nursing degree (RN) from Adelphi University in 1995, and her Masters of Science (MS) and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) degrees from Stony Brook University in 2000, where she was also granted an award for her Overall Excellence. Jennie has had experience as both a nurse, and as a pediatric nurse practitioner, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units at NYU Medical Center and Schneider Children’s Hospital, in all inpatient pediatric units, including the newborn nursery, at Schneider Children’s Hospital, and as the supervisor of the Hempstead High School Based Health Center on Long Island, where she attended to the medical needs of newly immigrated teens.

Jennie has had additional clinical nursing experience traveling to Guatemala with a medical missionary group, where she assisted in providing care to infants and children, and has worked as a clinical research coordinator under the Chief of Pediatrics and the Chief of Neonatology at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY. Jennie is married, has 3 children, and lives in the Northport area.

As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner working in the practice of Holistic Child Health at the Northport Wellness Center, Jennie is licensed and trained to see your children for regular pediatric visits. She will be able to take their medical histories, perform regular pediatric physical exams, especially to fill out camp and school forms, and prescribe medical treatment programs as needed. For those families who have brought their children to see me for ongoing medical issues, Jennie will also be able to follow your children’s progress in the Northport Office. 

Jennie will continue to support and carry on the holistic philosophy that I have brought to the practice, and will also bring her own brand of holistic medicine to the office. Parents will be able to contact her at Please call the Northport Wellness Center at 631-262-8505 to make an appointment to see her.

While I am on my leave of absence, I will be serving as Jennie’s supervising physician. Jennie and I will be in frequent contact about your children’s medical care, especially where it becomes necessary for me to offer additional medical advice. We will work as a team to continue to bring you the type of holistic medical care that you seek for your family. I feel very positive about the experience you will have seeing Jennie in the office.

Take good care.

Lawrence B Palevsky, MD
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