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“My six year old daughter Ella was diagnosed with asthma by her pediatrician and the pulmonary specialist and was prescribed steroids on a daily basis and for an undetermined period. I felt that this was not right for her and that these doctors were not paying attention to her. I was lucky to have a friend who recommended Larry and in one visit, after looking at her and talking to us for a couple of hours we decided to try a new diet and stop the medicine. Ella stopped coughing that night, her chronic cough, which had been bothering her for over two years was gone and finally I had a doctor who cared enough to look and listen and tell me what was really going on. I am so thankful for meeting Larry, with some basic common sense and a little bit of discipline our daughter is now healthy, with no medication. I encourage parents to follow their instinct and explore other alternatives than just medication. I am happy I did.”
Eva O.


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